Ticket 2 RideMay 2007

Well here we are- Its May day, also commonly used as the universal cry of Distress by ships at sea, or anyone in general - meanwhile, the guy in the White house vetoed the Congressional Spending bill that would have limited our troops' time in Iraq... I don’t know if this is just a ironic Fluke, but the US, or our troops anyway are in Big Trouble and no help in sight - and certainly none from the guy who sent them there... Think about it...

But as for the Calendar Pix this month, I originally drew both of these pix back in 88 (mostly just for fun) - more recently I dug them out, cleaned up an revised my old inks somewhat and then added color (Mostly to have something to use for this month’s calendar)... As for who, what, or why this is all about: Well if you’re not familiar with the works of Leiji Matsumoto, or his Galaxy Express and other stories... Um, its kind’a hard to explain... Y’see, a long long time in an’ improbable yet fun future to come, there’s this amazingly neat space ship that looks like a 20th Century steam engine -- and then there’s these two sisters, Maetel and Emeraldes -- or maybe they’re not sisters (It depends on which version or revision that you’re watching) -- and there’s Space Pirates who’re actually the good guys, an' mecha robot bad guys, an' government bad guys, an' lotsa other bad guys -- a kooky western planet named Heavy Melder, an' a li’l blue haired girl with an ocarina... An’ well... Like I said, its a complicated story... (Which seemingly gets more complicated with each retelling) But what the hey, its fun, and I love Matsumoto’s designs!

For whatever its worth, Vicky is wearing the outfit of Emeraldes, (Part time Pirate and full time bitch), While Kelly is dressed as Maetel, (An enigmatic character, who in the original story may or may not be in league with the nasties... Of course, later on we learn... Well, Why spoil it for you?) So why are Vicky & Kelly dueling with laser swords? I dunno, something to do I suppose... And speaking of something to do, I’d better finish hashing together the html and get this calendar posted... Uh Huh... JQ

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