April 2021


As is written in the ancient texts, for untold centuries, during the weeks following the passing of the spring equinox, nubile young Bunny Priestesses of the cult of Nefr-Bun-Iye would reenact the ages–old ceremony of the Cosmic Egg of Creation, as they shimmied and swayed in solemn procession betwixt the massive columns of the lost* Temple at Dendera... (*Lost, as in, Ramses II lost it in a poker game to Nebuchadnezzar)... The Sacred Egg Ceremony culminated around the date of our modern-day Easter, with a potluck dinner and charades party, in which celebrants, spectators or the occasional hopelessly lost tourist were all invited to partake... Unfortunately, since the bottom fell out of the historical epic movie biz, the Priestesses were all laid off, their Cosmic Eggs sold for night lamps and the temple converted to a Tourist Hostel... Well, that's progress for you...

And if you don't believe me, read all about it yourself... I recommend "Biggles' Big Book of Bogus History and Party Tricks"... (It's the one with a picture of Biggles' Sopwith Camel shooting down a Giant Pterodactyl on the cover)... Or, there's a few clips of the ancient ceremony captured on celluloid, in the low-budget drive-in flick, "The Mummy of Boris Karloff vs. a stuffed Gila Monster"...

That aside, seems that things are going to be a bit late this March... The Calendar is already late, the Rudie Easter page will also be late, not to mention the filler page that precedes it is late as well... "Sorry 'bout that Chief"... I sort'a hurt my wrist, though it's better now... JQ


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