March 2021

Meter Maids of Mars

With Perseverance acing its landing on Marz and a number of other nations' missions all converging upon the red planet, it seems we may soon be experiencing something new – a Traffic Jam on Mars – or, worse yet, Hit & Run Rovers! With that in mind, Io & Callisto, those two jiggly alien Bunnies, seem to have volunteered their services as Meter Maids and Traffic Wardens for our rust-red neighbor planet, as this candid photo taken by the Perseverance rover attests...

I gotta admit that it's likely much more pleasant to get a moving violation ticket from one of these space-alien cuties than those Dalek or Cylon BEM cops!!

Also a tip of the chapeau to Edgar Rice Burroughs' Barsoom novels, as for our promo-pix we present, Io & Callisto, managing traffic jams, as the Meter Maids of Mars!! JQ...


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