So once you've found your way here to the Quagmire, Why would you want to go anywhere else..?? But if you insist, here's a few of my favorite places...

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 Dennette Harrod's "WaterHoles" this is the original QT Bunny Web site, and there's QT material here that isn't on my own site, plus Dennette has a lot of other interesting stuff to check out...
Click on the first button for Waterholes, while the second Bunny button links directly into the QT Bunny section on Waterholes if you wish to skip the preliminaries...
Amazing as it may seem, there's actually an on line Cutey Bunny Fan Club
Limited Time Offer - Yes for a Limited Time Only, the First 10 Thousand people to sign up will recieve their Membership absolutly FREE - No Money Down, Nothing Else to Pay..!!
Parents beware! Reading Comix could do this to your Child..!! I feel sort'a bad about this, to think that my work helped to ruin some one's life... but then, What the Hey? Its all in a day's work...
 Ken Stone's "Cat Girl Paradise"
From the Land Down Under, a Li'l bit of FurCake, CyberPunk and KissDolls too... And Since Ken is in Australia, remember to turn your monitor upside down before clicking on this link...
From the brothers Fenwick - Fuzzy Critters - Sooper Heroes and Heroines plus mass mayhem... so what more could you want..?
If Super Heroes were real, they'd probably be a lot like the- Japanese Beetle Good Lord, CHOKE!!
After Y2K the post Apocalyptic extravaganza - Arthur C Clark, Tubes Rock and the Tech Talking Babes too..!
Trina Robbins' Web Site
(What Else?) Trina is one of my oldest friends in this business
(leastways that's still speaking to me)

 Scott Saavedra's "Scott-Land"

From the Creator of: "It's Science with Dr. Radium" and "Java Town"

So what's the Greatest SF Show on TV..?
That's Right Space Kiddets, its those Lowbrow Layabouts that Crew the Red Dwarf!!
and Hey! Robert Llewellyn the man behind Kryten has his own web site too..!!
Since the 70s - Every Friday night (if you lived in LA) you could tune into Mike Hodel's Hour 25 for the latest in SF news, reviews and interviews... Now Hosted by Warren James, Hour 25 has broken free of its geographical constraints and is now on the web for all to listen in any time of the day anywhere in cyberspace... Though myself, I still like to tune in late Friday Nights...
Another refugee from Pacifica:
FolkScene is a program of traditional and contemporary music-hosted and produced by Roz & Howard Larman
California Blue Grass
You just gotta love it..!
CoFounder of the Move, ELO & Wizard,
Roy just keeps on Rockin..!
Bear Family Records
Boxed sets and Collections of Acoustic, TradJazz and even Skiffle
Learn the Awful Truth at:
UFOs, PsudoScience and Conspiracies
Oh My!!
Art Bell Is Back..!
Tired of Looking for Intelligent Life on Earth? Then why not try Seti at Home - the Free Screen Saver processes data from the Arecibo Radio Telescope during your computer's idle time...
Hubble Space Telescope
Possibly the single neatest piece of equipment ever put into orbit..!
Astronomy Picture of the Day
Each and every day, a new amazing Pix from the back of beyond...
Trouble with your Mac..? MacFixit may have the answer.
 Mac Surfer:
a Compendium of the latest breaking Mac News.
 The MacKido Temple:
Mac Articles, Opinion and Background Material.

News for Nerds, the Stuff that Matters... Need we say more..?