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Have you ever wondered what could have happened to that Good Little Witch... Yes, that obnoxious little nicey - nice li'l witch -- the one in the old kiddie comics, remember her? So what ever happened to her, once she hit puberty?

Well, WE haven’t! Uh-uh, not us! Nosiree, we’ve never for a moment thought even the slightest tiny bit about her!

And of course, she has not the remotest connection with our OWN witchy heroine, a sure tipoff being that our girl’s name, Wyndi, is spelt entirely differently, and besides, THIS witch has a guardian Fallen Angel, who protects Wyndi from Sin and Temptation by hogging it all for herself!

And thereon hangs a tale... a tale of a hot little Bitch, whose dearest ambition is to be a Bad Little Witch -- frustrated by a Fallen Angel who is Anything But Angelic...

Wyndi the JailBait Witch text
A tale of Lust, ambition, frustration, desperation, desecration, exasperation and more Lust, enshrined in a glossy color cover, and depicted in cheezy black-and-white... - Admission strictly limited to those over 18 (and with five bucks to spare!)

32 pages of the adventures of America's favorite Frustrated Witchlet/Fallen Angel teamup... includes an all-new story, plus a reprint of the very rare, original story from 1990, plus luscious, previously unseen, full-page pinups of both Wyndi and Angel that would make your saintly Aunt Ethel rotate at 78 rpm in her grave if she knew you were looking at them, you dirty dog you, plus sacrilegious spoofs that would make the Sisters at the Catholic School come after you with a pointed stick... You must affirm you are more than 18 years of age to order this comic.

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Wyndi the Teen Trash Witch

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5 to 6 comix $4.00

For Canada, please add 50 cents to the US postal rates noted above, depending upon the number of comix you order. Any number of comix, whether for one comic or six, that extra 50 cents will cover the extra postage. So while a US buyer getting six comix would pay $4 for Postage and Handling, a Canadian would pay $4.50.

Buyers Outside the US of A - Be aware that Extra Postage Costs must be added to your order - please contact us first for the correct overseas postal rates Before using PayPal to Order!! To: Walt & Josh at JQ Enterprises

Smug Witch
Send payment via PayPal (preferred) to waltw at JQ enterprises.
OR, mail Postal Money Order or check (some checks may wait to clear) to:

Walt Wentz
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