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November 2007

So here it is November, and most of you were probably expecting to see some sort of November Calendar... But I ask you, Of what real use is November? Mostly it's just a prelude to Xmas-- right? Sure, on some years it has Election Day, when we can all wake from our apathy long enough to elect a new set of clowns to replace the current bozos in office... what a thrill... Oh yeah, an' there's also Thanksgiving-- that day when we can all feel free to pork out, an' suffer for it later... Like, do we really need this? But mostly, November is just that nothing kinda month when the days just keep gettin' shorter an' darker an' colder, as the media feeding frenzy builds up toward Xmas...

Yeah, November, Who Needs It?!? Especially when we can instead use this opportunity to plug our Wyndi the Jailbait Witch comic once again, with a kind'a nifty Halloween Calendar-- an' hey, Halloween is practically in November anyway, ain't it?

So if you haven’t glommed your copy yet, why not give her comix a try? Wyndi an' Angelcakes would appreciate it... Walt an' I would certainly appreciate it too-- as would our bail bondsman... Wyndi’s Comix also makes a great cheepo present for those persistent shirttail relatives that you can never think of what to give 'em for Xmas... Once you lay this nifty on 'em, you may never hear from 'em again! So dig deep into those wallets an’ send us your shekels... I mean, it's November-- So what else have you got to do..?

Take me to the: Wyndi Comix Store Page

For those of you who don’t remember them (which would be just about everyone), Wyndi, the frustrated Teen Witch, and Angelcakes, the Treat who turns Tricks, made their first appearance back in 1990 in Rip Off Comix #27 - which was their “Sex Sells” themed issue -- and which only went to demonstrate, that if Sex really sells, then Rip Off didn’t have a Clue!! Following this one less than auspicious appearance, we didn’t do much with Wyndi... From time to time there were general plans to do more stories, and some were written and even roughed out, but they never progressed further...

So Why do a Wyndi Comix now?? Well... There is no good reason that I can think of... Something to do I suppose... And Why should you want to read it? (you may be asking yourself) Hey, don’t think too deeply about it, Ol’ Josh NEEDS your Bux!! So check out our store page, read the 3 page promo in PDF format, wipe the drool off your monitor an’ click the PayPal button to send a few shekels our way...

Also: years ago we posted a small Wyndi Portfolio of Pix - If you'd like to check 'em out, click here... JQ

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