Wyndi the Witchy Bitch

October 2007

Because no one asked for it - because absolutely no one demanded it... Be afraid - be very very afraid!! Yes, it’s not a Halloween joke - it’s Not a “Goulie or Ghostie”... That’s right, it’s our latest scam to pry you lose from some of your hard won shekels: The Return of Wyndi the JailBait Witch!! “Good Lord! *CHOKE*!!”

No, your eyes don’t deceive you - Over a decade ago, Wyndi and Angelcakes made their debut, and now they’re back in a new 32 page comix which includes a 17 page new story - their 8 page original story - and 7 pages of naughty pin-ups!! Is that a bargain or what?!?

Take me to the: Wyndi Comix Store Page

For those of you who don’t remember them (which would be just about everyone), Wyndi, the frustrated Teen Witch, and Angelcakes, the Treat who turns Tricks, made their first appearance back in 1990 in Rip Off Comix #27 - which was their “Sex Sells” themed issue -- and which only went to demonstrate, that if Sex really sells, then Rip Off didn’t have a Clue!! Following this one less than auspicious appearance, we didn’t do much with Wyndi... From time to time there were general plans to do more stories, and some were written and even roughed out, but they never progressed further...

So Why do a Wyndi Comix now?? Well... There is no good reason that I can think of... Something to do I suppose... And Why should you want to read it? (you may be asking yourself) Hey, don’t think too deeply about it, Ol’ Josh NEEDS your Bux!! So check out our store page, read the 3 page promo in PDF format, wipe the drool off your monitor an’ click the PayPal button to send a few shekels our way...

One other Note: Guess I should mention that the Comix isn’t actually printed as yet - it is at the printers an’ we expect to get copies back in about a week - Place your orders early and you’ll get the very first copies, literally Hot off the Press!!

Also: years ago we posted a small Wyndi Portfolio of Pix - If you'd like to check 'em out, click here... JQ

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