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December 2007

Merry Merchandising!!

Yes, it's true, there are no lengths that we won't go to, and nothing that we won't stoop to, to plug our Wyndi the Jailbait Witch Comix... We will even go so far as to flagrantly debase the very meaning of Xmas as just one more lame excuse to flog this comic! After all, why should we be any different from every other mega-corporation an' mega-franchise retailer who is trying to peddle you their lead-painted toys an' overpriced junk, that'll be trashed before the day is over? Xmas has just become another excuse for gross excess and overspending -- so, HEY! LET'S DO IT!!

As long as you're buyin' cheap trash anyhow, then buy ours too! An' consider this, with the US economy about to Tank, you might as well spend those bux while you still have 'em!! So Hey, Buy a Bunch of Wyndi an' Goldie Lynx Comix today! They make great cheap gifts, for people that you don't particularly like!!

But just to show that our hearts are in the right place (right next to the shoulder holster), We bring you absolutely free -- No money down, and just an easy refinance in six months... Yes, *Free* A brand new Hitchcockian classic - a Wyndi and Angelcakes story for the festive season: "The Dreaded Curse of Xmas!" Ooooo Sounds scary!!

What's even scarier (possibly) is this story features some very naughty Angel nipples... Uh Huh... so if you suppose that this sort of thing might warp your mind, cause your head to rotate backwards, or to start reciting in tongues, or pig-Latin -- Then we urge you NOT to click to look! Please, go click somewhere else! Also if you are under 18, or of an easily impressionable state of mind, or a bed wetter, or a US Senator, then we urge you to go mess around on eBay or somewhere and leave this site alone!! You wouldn't like the story - really you wouldn't! For all the rest of you incorrigible reprobates, (you know who you are) aw go ahead an click the link, it can't hurt, your life's ruined anyway... An' should you get a chuckle from it, then next time you see a sidewalk Santa, give the guy a quarter... Ho Ho ho... JQ

If you haven’t glommed your copy of "Wyndi the Teen Trash Witch", yet, why not give her comix a try? Wyndi an' Angelcakes would appreciate it... Walt an' I would certainly appreciate it too-- as would our bail bondsman... Wyndi’s Comix also makes a great cheepo present for those persistent shirttail relatives that you can never think of what to give 'em for Xmas... Once you lay this nifty on 'em, you may never hear from 'em again! So dig deep into those wallets an’ send us your shekels! S'allright? JQ

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Also: years ago we posted a small Wyndi Portfolio of Pix - If you'd like to check 'em out, click here... JQ

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